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Rainmaking, client acquisition, firm development, or whatever term you wish to call it, the simple truth is that every firm needs a fresh infusion of clients to grow and succeed.  For years, the legal community relied upon word of mouth.  Then the phone books became our primary source of "advertisement".  However, it became very clear that the phone books were simply another way to get lost in the crowd for a very large amount of money!

We at Lawyers Marketing USA, Inc.,  will bring you to only those people who are in immediate need of counsel.  In many cases, we get their names and addresses to you within 24-48 hours of their offenses! Unlike other sources, we use ONLY the primary sourced addresses directly from court records. This requires tremendous manpower and dedication to the job.  "Garbage in, Garbage out" is more than just a profound quote in this buisness.  Accepting second best guesses from various internet sources is simply unacceptable!     The lowest bidder never worked well in Government/NASA, and it clearly applies to your data provider!
There are no quick and easy steps to success, only hard work and dedication to detail to make the "data stream" of addresses as reliable as possible.  Our clients have repeatedly stated that when we give our best data to them, it is not the costs to them but that it actually PAYS!
This proven marketing process was established originally in 1993 by its founder in his own law practice at that time, as the sole means of marketing and within 30 days had expanded his practice dramatically and hired additional staff and office space to accomodate the excess demand for services! 

By applying a laser light approach to marketing, we take out the guess work of your marketing by reaching ONLY your target clientèle everyday!   The future of attorney marketing is bringing clients and attorneys together with greater speed.  It is our business to make opportunity knock for you everyday!  

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