A Word on Prices

 A Word on Prices:


It is unwise to pay too much.   However, it is far worse to pay for inferior quality!   

The single biggest cost element in this process is POSTAGE.  Due to the cost of production and postage combined, your costs due to "returned mail" will far outweighed the cost of the raw data.   

 In the words of a wise old man, " I have never been been disappointed in the most expensive tools, however I have ALWAYS been disappointed in the cheapest!" 


Credit to John Ruskin, 1819-1900 and to Clark T. Hinde, 1906-1976

Why are there differences in the court descriptions of the charges?

 Each Clerk enters their files differently.  We see a vast set of differences in the description of the DUI charges. DUI, DWI, etc.  We do not suggest that the written description be used in the letters.  The column with the code section is the closest to being a standardized form.