Our Promise

Our belief in this product is so strong that there is NO LONG TERM CONTRACT REQUIRED.  We believe that the strength of personal relationships and a handshake is far more important.  We choose to treat everyone on this list as a close personal friend.   (Clients must give 30 day notice of termination.)

If anyone is ever dissatisfied, they are free to leave.  We do require that our clients give us a 4 weeks notice. MANY times there are things we can do to help you overcome internal issues!  This is very much a "cooperative" in that we want every firm to do their very best and we will work with you hand in hand to make sure that your process and financial success is achieved.    
We have seen repeatedly one salient fact:  Those firms who do the process correctly will become adamant supporters of this service and the process!  And as with all other ventures, those who do not work deligently at making the process and materials the very best, find that they get the results they worked for!  

Limited use agreement:  1) do not share this information/data you receive with any other parties not authorized by Lawyers Marketing USA, Inc., in any fashion, 2) Pay on time 3) do not send more than 1 letter to the same person unless you have specific license from Lawyers Marketing USA, Inc. to do so,  4) the use of the data or its derivative shall be limited to your sole firms direct mail advertising for  legal services use and not for any other purpose, nor is it to be used with or in conjunction with other business or enterprise not specifically authorized in writing by Lawyers Marketing USA, Inc. , 5) abide by all the Virginia State Bar's rules regarding direct mail marketing/solicitation.


Obvious caveat: Since we rely upon the court files for accurate data, all reasonable efforts are made to insure the accuracy of the information/data but no guarantee of accuracy or fitness for use is implied or otherwise stated.


We actively seek any suggestions as to how we can make the service better and we truly consider this a cooperative effort!  Many times a new marketing technique can be easily used in another zone by some other firm and everyone benefits!   (If you discover something rather unique, we will not circulate it in your same zone to protect the effectiveness of that idea.)  
It is our firm belief that when we help others we can make a positive impact on all!  
A word of Caution:  
For those firms who use the lowest price point as being the deciding factors in chosing their address/data provider, consider the realities of the purely internet based addresses.  Common names will get a bad address attached to them on a regular basis.  So if you send a letter to a "John Smith" indicating that he needs your services when it was meant for another such named person in the same zip code, you have opened the door to a potential bar complaint.  If your defense is I was just using (cheapest) provider as your defense, consider the alternative.  That being; I use ONLY those addresses found on the Courts database!  You be the judge; what is the real price of comfort?  (caveat emptor)
Our service provides ONLY 100% court based addresses.  No substitutions, No best guesses, no multi-tiered internet researches, nor any multiple best hopes!  Yes, it costs more to physically send researchers to the courts, but the results are worth it!
We are here to make "opportunity knock everyday".
 Please feel free to call us at:     Roger:  757-288-7475     
(6am to 5pm Monday thru Friday)