1)   Kyle Courtnall, Esq.

      Law Office of Kyle Courtnall, PLLC
"My practice focuses exclusively on traffic and criminal defense, so this service is exactly what I was looking for. My business tripled within the first month of using the service. I had to hire an extra paralegal just to keep up with the extra phone calls and cases!! The data is reliably sent every day, and it has made all the difference in the world for my practice. I don't know how I got by before I used this service. This is easily the best investment I've made for my practice. It's way more profitable than any other advertising or marketing that I tried"
2)   Keith Pagano, Esq. Richmond zone:
                        "...truly a pleasure to do business with." 
3)   One client reported that he was arrested Sunday night for a DUI and since we had his information that next morning, our letter to him went to his Post Office box before he was even released later that morning fro,m pretrial.  
Upon his release, while waiting for his wife to come pick him up, he walked across the street to pick up his mail at the Post Office.  In his PO box he found my letter and walked the 100 yards to my office and hired me on the spot!   
He commented that he was amazed that even though his wife did not even know about his charge yet, we had already sent him a letter!  He figured we must have something on the ball to get that done.      Roger Hinde,  Richmond Zone,  1996  (President of Lawyers Marketing of Virginia, Inc.)
More testimonials available upon private request